What is the 30x30 Solutions Toolkit?

The 30×30 Solutions Toolbox is an online resource that has been curated to provide guidance and information to help achieve Target 3 of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. This website is envisioned as a clearinghouse of accessible and meaningful resources that can be used to design, implement, and report on 30×30 strategies and action plans. The website will be regularly updated with additional tools.

The Toolkit has been designed to be accessible to a diverse audience, including but not limited to government representatives, policymakers, conservation experts, practitioners, indigenous communities, civil society organizations, private sector representatives, and anyone who wants to know more about Target 3. Whether you are a government official seeking policy guidance, a researcher looking for data and technical resources, or a community organizer seeking best practices, the toolkit offers valuable resources and tools to support your efforts towards achieving the 30×30 conservation goal.

What will you find in the toolkit?

The 30×30 Solutions Toolkit is a user-friendly resource designed to help visitors easily navigate through its information. The home page serves as the gateway to the toolkit, providing introductory information about Target 3 and a detailed breakdown of its 15 elements. The reports section includes Target 3 guidance documents. At the bottom of the homepage, users can submit resources, which will undergo a review process before being updated.

Each element of Target 3 is presented in a structured format, consisting of four tabs:

  • Summary, Global Guidelines, Technical and Interactive Resources, and Country Experiences. The Summary tab offers a brief overview of the element’s significance and objectives.
  • Global Guidelines tab provides comprehensive guidelines and best practices for addressing the element on a global scale.
  • The Technical and Interactive Resources tab offers access to relevant technical tools, datasets, and interactive resources.
  • Country Experiences tab showcases examples and case studies from different countries, highlighting successful approaches to addressing the element.